PLS CADD Optimizations & Profile

Ensuring a new design is code compliant while minimising the cost of construction is the principle challenge of new line design. Our experienced powerline engineers use CAD analysis to objectively spot structures in the optimal location.

Line Optimization is one of the most powerful features of PLS-CADD. It will provide the least-cost solution for spotting a given set of structures for a desired set of design criteria on any desired route.

The first step to an optimization is that you must have your route selected in PLS-CADD. Route selection is beyond the scope of this technote and is covered in section 14 of the PLS-CADD manual. Please keep in mind, though, that you could have several projects utilizing the same data in order to optimize numerous routes to get cost comparisons between alternative routes.

Our PLS-CADD service means utilities can prove they are meeting their licence obligations by minimising costs to rate payers and ensuring a safe and reliable network. For consultants or EPC contactors our analysis will minimise the build cost. Providing a competitive advantage in a tendering situation and providing confidence in the accuracy of final costings.

As well as the final design in a CAD format we can deliver Bill of Quantities, 3D visualisations and more in-depth consulting services.

Key benefits of new route optimisation

  • Deliver a solution meeting any design requirement at the lowest capital cost
  • Demonstrate objectively how the optimal solution has been selected
  • Reduce capital spend and have confidence in final design cost