Managed services

MEC&S provide Managed services tools as a solution to our IT problems, instead how a tool can benefit a business. Whatever diversified models we declare in Managed Services, anybody can do it. But when it comes to business, we need to align service delivery with business processes.

The most critical element of creating a differentiated Managed Services is to shift from people-centric models to self-service capabilities with zero employee downtimes and hence delivering a better experience to customers.

This process reversal in the Managed Services Next Gen model can be a game-changer for business success.

End-User Support Service

A flexible workplace has become the new reality of leading the work-life where end-users prefer working anywhere and at any time. In this rapidly changing business environment, end-user computing is truly expensive. The bigger problem arises when there is no way to forecast the emerging issues or resources required for countering.

  • To tackle every emerging business challenge, MEC&s provides a world of comprehensive IT solutions to dismiss those thoughts.
  • Our in-house experts design these solutions, keeping your client’s benefits in mind.
  • We provide unmatched end-user IT support that resolves the issues timely, resulting in cost management.

Data Center Managed Services

At MEC&S, we provide a range of IT solutions that are enough to manage your data center efficiently so that you can shift your focus on more important stuff that contributes to your company’s success. Our services automate the management activities, increasing reliability, availability, and efficiency.

Data Center Management

  • Infrastructure performance and capacity management
  • Storage, backup, and restoration management
  • OS monitoring and management
  • Virtualization administration and Patch management

Network and Security Service Management

  • Networking Infrastructure Management and continuous monitoring
  • Device security management, policy management, and threats handling
  • Monitoring and configuring network devices, routers, switches, etc.
  • Bandwidth monitoring and analysis, and maintenance of security updates

Database Management

  • Database monitoring and performance management
  • Automation of capacity management
  • User management and setting permissions
  • Database restoration and backup management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

  • Storage, backups, restore, and site recovery management
  • VPN or firewall management, reports, and dashboard management
  • Hybrid cloud management, resource optimization, audit and compliance
  • 24×7 monitoring and administration